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Studying English at AHS is, as one student said; ‘rewarding, exciting and most of all enjoyable’. As a student of English you will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as theatre trips; public speaking competitions, creative writing groups, slam poetry competitions, book groups and so on. In addition you will be encouraged, enthused and supported by teachers and older students.

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National Theatre: JANE EYRE

Jane Eyre-37

On Tuesday 8th September, a coach full of Aylesbury High – Year 10 – students arrived on the doorstep of the National Theatre. Together we were excited, perhaps a little too much, to enter the theatre doors and watch the said-to-be amazing production, “Jane Eyre”.

Quite a few minutes late, we were aching to see the on stage show. With hushed voices, or mumbled giggles, our large group entered the doors to the upper circle. Gaining a few annoyed stares, we took our seats and began watching the breath-taking story unfold.

Every one of us from the High, students that is, were ever so confused about the secrets of the Rochester Manor. However, we were so intrigued to know that, after refueling on sugary snacks, we were once again seated and prepared for the second act.

I’m sure that a few tears were shed, giggles released, and major applause given after the spectacular live action play. I cannot even begin to describe the expertise of the actors and musicians in the way they created their performance. All I can say is that “Jane Eyre” is a magnificent play filled with love, loss, and mystery. So if you are planning on booking tickets at a London Theatre, then book them for the National Theatre, where Charlotte Brontë’s masterpiece is brought to life. (Chloe, Year 10)

Latest News in English

Author of ‘The Rhino Farm’, a new novel for those aged 12+, Annabel Claridge recently came to visit us at Aylesbury High. She inspired Year 8 with a talk in the library about the research process involved in writing her novel and also how she came to be inspired herself to write it. Hannah and Natalie from 8M write below about Annabel’s visit:

On Friday 12th June, we went to the library to hear an author called Annabel Claridge talk about how she researched and wrote her new book ‘The Rhino Farm’. Rhinos in Africa are on the verge of extinction due to value of their horns. Poachers shoot the rhino and cut off their horns, then the poor animal is just left alone in pain to die. Their horns are worth this much thanks to the fact that people used to believe that it was a drug and was put in many Japanese medicines, however, it has been proven that it has no effect on you at all. Although people know this, young millionaires ignorantly buy the ground up rhino horn to show off their wealth to their friends – it is one of the most expensive substances in the world. Her book sounded really interesting and we can’t wait to read it, especially as it is only part fiction. 

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Marlowe Essay Prize for English

Corpus Christi College is pleased to announce the Christopher Marlowe English essay competition for the year 2014-2015 which is open to all students in Year 12 (Lower Sixth). A maximum of two entries per school or college is invited. There is a “pot” of £500, with a First Prize of £300. Essays, which should be between 1,500 and 2,500 words long (including footnotes), can be submitted in answer to any one of the following questions (though each entrant may submit only one essay). Competition form and further details available.

Please speak to a member of the English Department if you are looking to submit an entry. We’re here to offer our support!

Romantics and Victorians

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