D of E Expedition

Congratulations to the 86 students who completed their Bronze D of E practice expedition at the weekend and thank you to all the staff who gave up their time to help.  Here’s an account by Esha in Year 10:

Our group started in Haddenham and trecked 14 km to Ellesborough guide camp. On our journey there, we encountered lots of wildlife, including cows and goats and after getting lost in the middle of some fields, we finally arrived at the camp. Needless to say, we were all thrilled at the sight of the camp and we were glad to be able to relax.

The time we spent at the campsite was a lot of fun! We played cards, cooked, and ate a lot of food. Our group decided to make spaghetti with tomato sauce and then we all drank some hot chocolate.

Despite being tired, we were excited to leave the next day and get to our finishing point. Our second day was definitely more eventful than our first – we got lost and ended up at Chequers where some kind policemen helped us out, which was followed by an exciting walk through a forest where there was no footpath so we had to climb over fallen branches and trees. After playing through the entire High School Musical soundtrack on our kazoos, we finally arrived at Great Hampden Cricket Green where our parents were waiting for us and we were very happy to be able to go home.

Overall, while challenging, the experience was a lot of fun and we learnt a lot about ourselves during the process and we are very excited for our qualifying expedition in June!


Silver Success

Congratulations to our U16 and U14 basketball teams, who both came second in the country at the national finals this weekend.  They join our U19 team who also won a silver medal last month.  A huge well done to all the students involved and to Mrs Arber and Coach Jenner for their hard work and dedication.  See the next edition of Highlights for more details!

U15 Handball Team in National Finals

On Wednesday 9 May the U15 Handball team travelled to Surrey to compete in the regional round of the competition. Their first game was against previous Regional Champions, Surrey. The AHS team took a while to find their form, ending the game in a 4-4 draw. They then followed quickly with a 10-1 win against Berkshire. Tournament favourites were up next, and after a hard fought game AHS came out with a 1-3 loss. It was now down to goal difference as to whether AHS or Surrey would progress through to the finals to play Kent once again for the Regional title. AHS had to win their final game against Hampshire by 9 goals in order to secure a 1 goal lead over Surrey. Aylesbury started well, taking the lead early with goals from Olivia J, Grace and Poppy, and with secure goal keeping from Natalia to stop any attempts for a comeback from Hampshire. With 1 minute left on the clock AHS needed 2 more goals to secure their place in the final. These came in quick succession, both from Grace, and placed AHS in second place after the rounds. The Aylesbury team upped their performance in the finals, working as a team in attack to work the ball round, and a solid defence to stop Kent’s attacking play meant the Kent team only got 3 goals passed them. With 2 goals from Poppy, 1 from Ella, 1 from Grace and 1 from Olivia J the AHS team took victory, and the regional title, to represent the South East at National Finals on the 9 June!

History Competition Winners

Congratulations to our Year 10 students who won the Migration Museum’s Moving Stories competition yesterday. They designed a very creative train carriage exhibit to tell the story of migration – and have won a trip to New York!

Young Enterprise winners

Last night at the AVDC building our students’ company ‘Imagine Dimensions’ won 1st prize in the business plan category. The students presented a very good powerpoint presentation for 4 minutes to an audience of over 100 people. In the audience there were students from the other 9 companies, business owners and the deputy mayor of Aylesbury. The guest speaker at the event was Mrs Jules Tottman. She explained how her company trains a wide variety of animals to work in films such as Harry Potter and TV shows. Well done girls for all of your hard work!!

U19 second in country

After a very close fight, the U19 national basketball final finished with 47 points to AHS, Charnwood 56.  The girls should be very proud of their silver medals – the culmination of a huge amount of hard work.  With girls as young as Year 9 in the team they have a very bright future ahead of them!

Swedish Exchange

Year 9 and 10 students have just spent a wonderful 5 days in snowy Sweden, getting to know their exchange partners while exploring the beautiful countryside, learning how to make cinnamon buns and visiting Gothenburg.  We are looking forward to welcoming our new friends to England in May.

Maths Marvels!

Congratulations to our Junior Maths Challenge team who came a very impressive second out of 21 teams at the regional final on 19 March!