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The Music Department is a vibrant, exciting and exhilarating place to be and gives pupils huge opportunities to perform in many ensembles which rehearse weekly, concert performances throughout the academic year and tours enabling girls to experience performances in wonderful venues throughout Europe.

Music should be at the heart of every girls education and broadening creativity is focused upon inside and outside of the curriculum. Our House Music Festival is one of the main highlights of the year with over 250 pupils involved in performances with their House.

Instrumental lessons are available on all orchestral instruments with piano, saxophone and brass also offering Jazz specifications as well as Classical, Electric/Acoustic and Bass Guitar.

Student Work

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Critical Thinking isn’t like other subjects you may be thinking of taking for AS Level.  It doesn’t involve learning any facts; as the title suggests, it’s about learning how to think and reason, as well as how to write in a coherent and logical way.  Though these skills are particularly applicable to subjects such as English, History and Law, taking Critical Thinking would be beneficial for any student.  It is particularly helpful in preparation for national admission tests for Law and Medicine.  It shows that you have attained a national standard in skills which will be prized by universities and employers alike.

The course is organised in two sections.  Unit 1 involves short structured answers on the language of reasoning and the credibility of arguments.  Unit 2 involves writing a reasoned case based on the evidence provided and a critical evaluation of an argument, as well as multiple choice questions.  You will not be judged on your knowledge of the particular subject but rather on the ability to assess how effective the argument is.  Components are externally marked.  There is no coursework.

Welcome to Maths

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We aim to build enthusiasm, interest and confidence in our students’ mathematical ability, foster perseverance and an awareness of the relevance of this very important subject in today’s world.

UKMT Junior Team challenges (Years 7, 8, 9)

UKMT Junior Maths Challenge (Years 7, 8)

UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge (Years 9, 10)

FMSP Year 10 Competition

UKMT Senior Maths Challenge (Years 11, 12, 13)

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KS3 Drama

Creative Olympics

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AHS House Drama

House Drama 2017

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House Drama 2016

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House Drama 2015

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