GCSE Results

Our Year 11 received their much-anticipated GCSE results today. They have been awarded the higher of the CAG or the Calculated grade and this has allowed the vast majority to access their choice of further study. They have shown great resilience in the face of the uncertainty in recent weeks and also in completing the transition work that will help them make a flying start to their further studies. I am pleased that the recent changes announced by Ofqual meant our Year 11 arrived today with more optimism and certainty than we feared last week. 

Despite not opening to maintain social distancing, we are supporting our students and working with them to enter their chosen ‘next steps’, either here at AHS or at other local education providers. The outstanding results that they have gained will facilitate the vast majority in this process.

I would like to thank all the staff for their professionalism and integrity and our students for doing all they can to secure their futures. We wish you all the best for your future, wherever the next exciting stage of your journey takes you.

Giles Scoble, Headteacher