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The school is partially closed due to exceptional circumstances; this is now shown on BCC School Closures website. We are open for the children of critical workers and for vulnerable students. If you need to access FSM funding please contact Mr Marshall (

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Centre-Assessed Grades

Please find the latest information from Ofqual about the awarding of GCSE, AS and A Level grades for summer 2020 here. Below is a brief summary but note that at the moment, it only covers guidance for students currently in Years 11, 12 or 13 and not early entry or private candidates.

As a result of this guidance, our Subject Team Leaders are currently identifying the process they will use to determine centre-assessed grades and student rankings for submission to the Leadership Team. Once processes have been approved, we will then begin the task of preparing the data for submission to the Awarding Bodies. Each subject area will take a range of factors into account when preparing this data such as: Likely to Achieve Grades, NEA work, mock results and student work ethic following the mock. It is also important that consideration is given to the mock to real exam trends of previous student cohorts.

We will ensure that staff are reminded of students for whom reasonable adjustments have been agreed, for example, for access arrangements or for students with special educational needs. Under ‘normal’ examination conditions, we would apply for special consideration from the Awarding Bodies, using formal documentation, for a student who may have suffered a significant health related matter or family bereavement close to or during the examination period. Please refer to the exams information document under the curriculum tab of our website.

Information on matters relating to health, family circumstances etc. that parents/students have shared with us during the course of the school year will be considered so there is no need for you to re-inform us. Please do not share recommendations from private tutors with us, as it cannot be used to form a centre-assessed grade.

The centre-assessed grade is only one aspect of the grade determination and may not necessarily be the final grade awarded. Awarding Bodies will standardise the data making use of prior attainment information.

We have been instructed by Ofqual not to indicate or share centre-assessed grades with students, parents or carers at any point during this process. Results will be shared with students on the specified result days in August.

An appeals process plus an autumn examination period, for students who feel that their grades do not reflect their ability, are under discussion and we will update you further on these once we have confirmed details.

If you are a Year 11 or 13 student/parent, please do take some time to read the full details from Ofqual linked at the top of this item.

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