The portal for ordering Chromebooks is currently closed but will reopen in June 2019 to enable new students to purchase Chromebooks for September 2019.                                                                                        

If current students need to purchase a Chromebook, please contact Mrs Wilkes directly (cwilkes@ahs.bucks.sch.uk)

What happens if I already own a Chromebook? You will need to purchase an AHS licence for £30 via AHS ParentMail.  Please ask Mrs Wilkes to set up a payment item for you.

What is the excess on the insurance policy?
There is no excess on either the insurance or warranty.

How do I make an insurance claim?
You will be provided with a policy and claims document detailing how to make an insurance claim.

Freedom Tech will manage all insurance claims and are the first point of call for parents rather than the school. In the event of a claim for accidental damage or theft the parent should follow this link and complete the claim form.  Please enter ‘Aylesbury High School’ in place of an order number.  The team will then liaise with both the insurance provider and the repairer so that they can set the expectation with the parent about repair turnaround timescales.

What happens if I cannot afford to join the scheme?
Please contact the School to discuss your options.