U15 Handball Team in National Finals

On Wednesday 9 May the U15 Handball team travelled to Surrey to compete in the regional round of the competition. Their first game was against previous Regional Champions, Surrey. The AHS team took a while to find their form, ending the game in a 4-4 draw. They then followed quickly with a 10-1 win against Berkshire. Tournament favourites were up next, and after a hard fought game AHS came out with a 1-3 loss. It was now down to goal difference as to whether AHS or Surrey would progress through to the finals to play Kent once again for the Regional title. AHS had to win their final game against Hampshire by 9 goals in order to secure a 1 goal lead over Surrey. Aylesbury started well, taking the lead early with goals from Olivia J, Grace and Poppy, and with secure goal keeping from Natalia to stop any attempts for a comeback from Hampshire. With 1 minute left on the clock AHS needed 2 more goals to secure their place in the final. These came in quick succession, both from Grace, and placed AHS in second place after the rounds. The Aylesbury team upped their performance in the finals, working as a team in attack to work the ball round, and a solid defence to stop Kent’s attacking play meant the Kent team only got 3 goals passed them. With 2 goals from Poppy, 1 from Ella, 1 from Grace and 1 from Olivia J the AHS team took victory, and the regional title, to represent the South East at National Finals on the 9 June!