Uniform Shop


The AHS Online Uniform Shop will open again from Monday 25 August when you can place your daughter’s online order. The link to the shop will be added here.

Presently the uniform shop stock is low and we are waiting for further uniform deliveries during the last week of the summer holidays.  By then almost all our stock will be replenished, except for our smaller Jackets size 28” to 34”. We are expecting a delivery of the smaller Jacket sizes on 22 September and once in they will be added to the online- shop for purchase. 

(Our supplier of the Jackets, skirts and trousers have had their factories temporally closed during the lockdown period and now with fewer staff they are doing their utmost to provide our bespoke uniform for us as soon as it is possible to do so.  Students must not worry about not having a jacket in September.  They can wear their school jumper if it is cold – and we won’t be issuing behaviour marks!).

For details of the AHS School Uniform requirements please see the Uniform Brochure & Price List March 2020

I placed my daughter’s on-line shop order BEFORE midnight Friday 28 August. When and where can it be collected?

Year 7   

Wed 2 Sept     3.00 pm –  4.00 pm Blue canopy outside main reception

Thur 3 Sept     8.30 am –  9.00 am Blue canopy outside main reception

3.00 pm –  4.00 pm Blue canopy outside main reception

Years 8 to 9        

Thur 3 Sept 10.30 am –  12.00pm Blue canopy outside main reception

Years 10 to 11    

Thur 3 Sept 12.30 pm –  2.00pm Blue canopy outside main reception


I placed my daughter’s on-line shop order starting FROM Saturday 29 August.  When and where can it be collected?

From Monday 7 September until further notice:

Years 7 to 11    Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs only           Blue canopy outside Gym/Uniform Shop

                            morning break or lunch break 

                            or after school between 2.55 pm – 3.30 pm


Will I receive an e-mail telling me that my order is ready to collect?

Not until things have calmed down a little!

E-mails to collect uniform will resume by mid Sept, so please check your corresponding collection dates above for now.


I wish to exchange an item/s. When and how do I do this?

  • Please print off this “Uniform Exchange Form” and fill in the required details.
  • Remove all Items except for the blouses from their original packaging and place in one single plastic packaging.
  • Cellotape one side of the “Uniform Exchange Form” to the outside of the plastic packaging.
  • Post into a “Drop Off BOX”  a short distance from where the Blue Canopy stands.
  • Drop off for exchange can be made from any of the dates above.
  • We will do our best to arrange for your exchange as soon as possible, it can take up to 72 hrs. Or it may be that we do not have your replacement item in shop stock



I am concerned as the item size I need for my daughter is out of stock on the online shop, so I unable to order it and my daughter will not have it for the start of school. What should we do?

This will be for just a short term only. The Jackets sizes 28” to 34”, you can order online once in stock around 22nd September. Please check online around this date.  A very small number of our girls will not have their Jacket to wear for the first three weeks of at the start of the term.

There may be a few other uniform items in the size your daughter requires that are out of on-line shop stock. Please e-mail: uniform@ahs.bucks.sch.uk with the out of stock  uniform item and the size you require AFTER 25th August and Mrs Wanstall will get back to you with its availability.


Thank you for all for your patience and understanding at such challenging times. 

Mrs Wanstall 

AHS Uniform Shop Co-ordinator.