A navy blue jumper with the AHS logo.  Other jumpers or sweatshirts may not be worn. This is an optional item for warmth and must be worn under the jacket.  Jumpers should not be worn without the jacket.


A long or short sleeve blouse is available from the school shop.  Other blouses may not be worn.


A tailored jacket with the school logo.  Jackets need to be worn at all times, except when students are given permission not to wear them in hot weather.


Skirt length must be close to the knee i.e. 5cm either side of the centre of the knee and only the school style may be worn.  The skirt is available from the school shop.


One style of trousers is available from the school shop which co-ordinates with the jacket.

Coat or Jacket

A plain navy coat, jacket or anorak is preferred, but other shades of blue, black or grey are acceptable.  Denim, leather and suede jackets or coats are not permitted.

Tights or socks

If worn, tights should be plain and either navy, black or flesh-coloured.  Socks should be plain navy or plain white.


Should be leather and of a single colour (either black or navy) with separate heel no higher than 5 cms in height. Trainers, narrow heels or extreme styles are not permitted, and the shoe should extend no higher than the ankle bone.  

The only jewellery permitted is a single plain silver or gold coloured stud in each ear lobe and a small religious symbol on a chain worn for reasons of faith rather than fashion.  Ear studs must be removed if requested by a member of staff on grounds of safety. Other visible piercings are not permitted.

Unnatural hair colouring and extreme haircuts are not allowed.  Hair accessories should be unobtrusive, plain and in neutral colours.  Girls are not permitted to wear make-up at all in Years 7 to 9; discreet make-up in natural shades is tolerated in Years 10 and 11 as a privilege.  Nail polish, extensions and false nails are not allowed.

Additional guidelines to reflect students’ cultural heritage


These should be in plain fabric and in navy blue, black or white.  The face must be entirely visible at all times.


A white tunic may be worn instead of a school shirt, but the normal school jacket, with or without a jumper, should be worn on top in cold weather.  The tunic should be plain white and should only reach to the mid thigh.


We would ideally ask girls to wear the regulation school uniform trousers.  A loose fitting style of the same navy blue colour may be purchased and worn if the parent desires-please let Mrs Hamnett, Deputy Head, know if you wish to do this (nhamnett@ahs.bucks.sch.uk).