Press Release: Aylesbury High A-Level results 2022

AHS A-level students have passed with flying colours and we wish them well, wherever their plans take them!

We are delighted to report an outstanding set of exam A-Level results at AHS this year, which are a credit and a testament to the hard work, dedication and support of our students, staff and parents over the past two years.

Grade Percentage of entries at that grade
A* 28.3%
A*-A 60.0%
A*-B 83.0%
A*-E 100%

With the return to public examinations, exam boards set the grade boundaries to give a national distribution between the last set of public exams in 2019 and the ‘high point’ of the CAGs awarded in 2021. At AHS we are delighted that we have actually seen our results increase on the grades we awarded in 2021 year; with the average grade gained by a student being an A grade. This also reflects the move to additional teaching time in Year 12 and a renewed focus on Teaching and Learning at AHS.

Our results are a credit to all of our students, but maybe of particular note is that 27 students gained 3 or more A*s and 77 students gained 3 or more A*-A grades. One student gained 4A*s and an A grade to secure their place at medical school, with five others gaining four straight A*s.

Whilst grades are important, it is the opportunities that these grades offer our students that are paramount; something we refer to as ‘next steps’. We are thrilled at least eight of our Oxbridge students secured their places, as did all fifteen of our medic applicants. There were also places gained at Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry.  Our students are going to places as far afield as Aberystwyth to East Anglia and Brighton to Edinburgh, studying Ancient History through to Zoology. 

Whilst I have highlighted some of our ‘top achievers’, we have been hugely impressed by all of our students and how they have coped with the past two years. We are proud of each and every one of them. They have engaged with their studies throughout the lockdowns, remote learning, ‘Plan B assessments’ and all the usual stresses and strains that come with any set of public exams. This group of students also did not sit their GCSEs (due to the first lockdown), so this was their first set of public exams to test them.

AHS A-level students have passed with flying colours and we are confident that they will continue to make a real difference wherever they choose to go!