Duke of Edinburgh Expedition Weekend – Thank you to Group 2

On Monday 14th June, we received this heartwarming email from a gentleman who one of our Duke of Edinburgh expedition groups came across at the weekend.

‘I would like to offer my thanks to a group of young ladies who were on their Duke of Edinburgh near Dunsmore around 10:30am – 11:00am on Sunday 13th June.
I was on a mountain bike ride with my best friend and his son when my friend had an accident and hurt his wrist. The girls came across us very shortly after and I have to say were a huge credit to both themselves, AHS and their parents.
My friend was in a great deal of discomfort and subsequently we discovered he suffered a bad break requiring surgery.
The girls were hugely helpful, caring and attentive – they were able to offer a first aid kit with pain killers and with one young lady offering her rucksack to support my friends head – they hung about till we were able to get my friend off to A&E.
I hope you can identify the girls, please pass on my huge thanks to the girls and let them know despite having a plate put into his wrist my friend will be back on his bike asap.’
So proud to say we’ve identified these Year 10 students as Lucy, Georgia, Liliana, Avni and Katie, known to us as DofE group 2.

Well done to all of you for showing such care and skills. As the gentleman has said you are a credit to AHS, your parents and most importantly yourselves. Thank you. 🌟