How are Special Educational Needs Identified?

Students are identified as needing extra support from information such as:

    • Concerns raised by parents/carers or the young person.
    • Information from feeder schools is passed on prior to transfer into Year 7.
    • Reading and spelling tests carried out on entry.
    • Baseline assessment carried out in the first term of Year 7.
    • Assessment data is analysed to identify students who are not meeting their targets.
    • Subject staff, form tutors and Heads of Year identify students who are not meeting targets or whose progress is slower than expected. The teacher completes the ‘Wave 1 and 2 intervention form’ with the student and informs the Head of Year and Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCo).
    • Assessments are carried out by a qualified specialist teacher on identification of students with suspected dyslexia or similar difficulties. If other specific learning difficulties are suspected then other external agencies may be involved.