Learning for Life in Year 7

In Year 7 we help our new students settle into school with lessons on friendship and study skills.

Digital safety is an important theme of Year 7 lessons as we try to guide our students to use the internet productively and safely.  To support your child in this you might like to take a look at these resources:

Our RSE strand in Year 7 looks at topics such as puberty and family relationships.

Our Year 7 Resilience Programme from Bounce Forward aims to build emotional resilience and the ability to deal with setbacks.

Students work on their research and presentation skills by investigating Human Rights and Equalities as their Citizenship topic.  Here are some examples of their presentations:

Women’s rights by Ava, Jiya and Juno

Hanna and Catie’s L4L presentation on ageism

Disability rights – by Teya