Students with medical conditions

It is important to us that our records are kept up to date with information on our student’s medical conditions.  Please inform Matron of newly diagnosed conditions, medication, changes in existing conditions or care plans.  You can do this by email, phone or by arranging a meeting with Matron.  This helps us make sure your daughter receives the best care possible whilst at school.

If a student has received a serious injury outside school and had medical attention as a consequence, please let Matron know so that she can update the school records, inform appropriate staff and ensure any necessary provisions are put in place.

If your daughter needs to use mobility aids such as crutches or a wheel chair, please contact Matron so that the appropriate steps are put in place while your daughter is in school. This will ensure that your daughter can move safely around school.

Please find below useful links to information sites for various conditions






Healthy Eating

NHS Livewell


Stress, anxiety, depression, mindfulness