Telling OUR Stories

I like to do a lot of theatre stuff in my spare time and sometimes I do shows with my theatre group. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy for my mum to come and see me perform because of her illness but if we’re not performing in a huge theatre or anything she can come and see because the teachers in the group are kind and understanding. This makes me feel happier knowing that I can be a young carer and have fun at the same time.

HI, my name is Haniya. I am in year 9.I’m a young carer. From a young age I have always been told it was my job to look after my siblings. I loved that. I still do. As the oldest sibling it’s kind of my job to lead my younger siblings and help them in any way I can. I was almost like a 3rd parent. It wasn’t until a few years ago, when my mum became seriously ill, and was diagnosed with anxiety, deteriorating arthritis and Epilepsy, that my role changed. My mum started having more frequent epileptic seizure which put her through tonnes of pain, and this scared my siblings and I. At this time I was overwhelmed at first, knowing that my mum was in pain, and I could do nothing to stop it, and my siblings were now fully my responsibility, but over time I have learned that I’m not alone. Through young carers I have been able to talk to people like me and make friends. To this day, sometimes the job of being a young carer overwhelms me, and I get stressed, or panic, or overthink, but being a young carer today, is one of the best things I have ever done.