The CHALLENGES of being a Young carer

The role of being a young carer does of course have its highlights as shown here, but is not easy and means we also experience some very tough situations: 

“It can also be very difficult being a young carer because sometimes you can feel stuck in a situation and it feels like nobody knows how to help”

  • The role of a young can very extremely tiring as you are constantly there to help others out and do not always know when you will be able to relax 
  • Being a young carer means that sometimes you have to sacrifice other things you want to do to help out at home which can be frustrating and upsetting 
  • Many young carers can feel alone in their caring role as not many people will be able to relate to what we are going through , especially on a more personal level 
  • Sometimes being a young carer can also have a huge impact on people’s future as they are unsure of how people will cope without them at home and therefore may feel unable to follow what they really want to do
  • Being a young carer also generates a lot of pressure and stress for young people which may distract them from school work or leave them feeling overwhelmed in most circumstances