The HIGHLIGHTS of being a Young Carer

Below are a list of the highlights that being a young carer brings, from the skills we have developed, to the opportunities that arise for us in the future due to our caring role. 

“Being a young carer is amazing because you know that every little thing that you do might just make their day that little bit easier”

  • Allows you to develop a wide range of skills useful for the future: 
    • Budgeting 
    • Admin skills 
    • Listening 
    • Thinking on your feet 
    • Showing compassion, empathy and patience 
    • Time keeping 
    • Prioritising 
    • Problem solving
    • Being responsible for yourself and others 
  • Being a young carer also allows you to realise to never judge a book by it’s cover, someone that may appear very outgoing and laid back, may be carrying lots of responsibilities and pressure on their shoulders 
  • It allows you to build resistance , helping you to get through more challenging things in life easier than those that do not have caring responsibilities
  • It gives you a wider, more optimistic perspective on life and you don’t take for granted what you have and will always strive to help others  
  • A caring role also makes you more able to create relationships with others due to our incredible communication skills that we develop more and more everyday