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Textiles Technology is a very creative and imaginative subject to study. It includes all aspects of designing and making textiles products. Decorative techniques are a significant part of the work in all year groups. Alongside the regular use of the sewing machine we experiment with a wide range of hand and machine embroidery techniques. We experiment with the use of appliqué, reverse appliqué, beading, fabric printing using the sublimation printer, the CAD/CAM embroidery machines, traditional methods and much more.

Textiles involves:

  • Researching a range of Textile Artists and Fashion Designers
  • Designing new, innovative textiles products
  • Learning the manufacturing processes and techniques to make innovative and creative textiles products

We aim to make educational visits to suitable textile shows and art galleries to keep up to date with current trends and ideas.

Students will need to purchase fabrics, patterns and other haberdashery items for their projects.

Subject team leader: Mrs Ellie Taylor

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