Who is Matron?

Matron, Mrs Sam Nix, a qualified first aider, offers first aid and advice to all students during school hours. Mrs Nix also supports AHS students by teaching First Aid to D of E students and even doing the occasional training walk with them.

What is Matron’s role at school?

If any student, including a Sixth Form student, becomes unwell or injured at school they need to go to the medical room, where Matron will provide first aid or medical advice.

Often a student is quickly able to return to normal school work and they are encouraged to go back to class as soon as possible.  If this is not the case, Matron may need to contact parents or take other urgent action. For this reason it is necessary that we have up to date medical history for our students to pass onto any medical professionals, as required.

If Matron thinks that a student is not well enough to stay in school, she will arrange for the student to go home by making direct contact with her parent/carer.  Please note that students are not permitted to telephone their parents themselves and that they require Matron’s permission to leave school. Parents receiving a call directly from their daughter should always phone Matron before coming into school.

Note that if a student is unwell with a high temperature, vomiting or diarrhoea she should wait for 48 hrs after symptoms have disappeared, before returning to school.