Year 6 – entrance to Year 7 September 2021

Welcome to those joining Year 7 in September 2021!

We will keep this page up to date with all the information you need on transition – please do check that you have seen all the information below!

We are so sorry not to be able to hold our usual transition days in school this year, but we have put together lots of virtual resources to help you as you prepare for September. Please scroll through the information below.

We know that you will have lots of questions, and we want to reassure you that it is very normal to feel a mixture of excitement and nerves!

Please watch the recordings below to find out more about what starting at AHS is like.

The recordings are divided into general information about the school for all of our new Year 7s, and recordings specific to your new form group. Your parents will receive an email informing them what form you will be in. We have 6 houses at AHS (Ascott, Claydon, Hughenden, Missenden, Stowe, Waddesdon). The form you are in is also your house – eg. 7A is Ascott.

If you are watching the videos at school, don’t worry if you don’t yet know your form groups, you can always watch these ones later at home.

Along with this email will be a google form for you to complete. Please make sure that you do this at home and send it back to us as soon as you can. We will then send you the information collected from all the students in your form to you, so that you can start to get to know each other.

General videos and information that are for all of Year 7:

Click HERE for an introductory message from Miss Quesne Head of Year 7

Click HERE for a short message from our Head Girl

Click HERE for a short message from our Cabinet

Click HERE for a video message from current y7 students

Click here for a FAQ sheet which covers key questions that new students ask us

You might also want to look at the Map & Virtual Tour that is on the ‘About Us’ tab of the website

Our language department is keen to get you excited about all of the languages that you will be studying during your time here. Please watch a presentation from them HERE. There is a booklet that goes along with this and we will email you a link to this to your parents. 

Recordings for specific form groups:

Click on the following folders for recordings specific to your new form groups and houses. You may need to download the videos to enable you to watch them.  You will know your form group by the email that will be sent to your parents, so don’t worry if you don’t know this yet! You can watch these later when you are home. 

 7A Tutor 7A House 7A Buddies

7C Tutor 7C House 7C Buddies

7H Tutor 7H House 7H Buddies

7M Tutor 7M House 7M Buddies

7S Tutor 7S House 7S Buddies

7W Tutor 7W House 7W Buddies


June 2021 – Please see link here to Buckinghamshire Council School Transport – important changes for 21-22

As we are unable to hold our Year 6 Welcome Evening in person on 5 May, please click here to hear from Mr Scoble, Miss Quesne and some of our students.  There is also an exciting announcement about a summer camp opportunity!

A welcome from Mr Scoble, our Headteacher

Parent Information booklet here

Student Information booklet here  Students, please have a really good look at this – it will answer a lot of your questions!

How to purchase a Chromebook 

Chromebook brochure from EDDE

ParentMail letter


Please contact us if you are eligible for Pupil Premium and we will give you details of how to purchase a Chromebook at a reduced cost.

Uniform Brochure here

Up to date information on uniform can be found on our uniform page

We are now encouraging you to make an individual appointment during April, May and June rather than attending the uniform fitting day on 19 June.  You should now have received an email with further details and how to book a uniform fitting appointment. If you have not received this or having problems booking an appointment, please contact the admissions team at:

If you would like to receive additional private instrumental lessons please complete this form by 22 May.  Email our Head of Music Ms Raven if you have any queries:

Please complete the AHS admissions form  – you have been emailed the log in details.  Contact if you have any queries about this.