AHS Alumnae

A Very Warm Welcome to All Our Former Students!

As a student at Aylesbury High School, you belonged to our school community and left your impression on our school whilst you were here.  Now that you have moved on, we would love to hear from you and are eager to hear about what you have been up to and your news  – wherever you are in the world !

By keeping in touch with AHS, former students can reconnect and maintain links with their peers, receive news of the school and our upcoming events, and also hear about our development initiatives which benefit future generations of students.

To provide us with your contact details, please complete and return this Alumnae Contact & Consent Form here  to Mrs Pexton at  apexton@ahs.bucks.sch.uk  or post to the school address.


Are You Receiving Your Monthly AHS Alumnae Newsletter?


We have just started our monthly Alumnae Newsletters, bringing our Alumnae community closer together and sharing Alumnae initiatives and events.

If you have not yet received your copy via email or post, please email Mrs Pexton at apexton@ahs.bucks.sch.uk to be added to our distribution list.

NEW FOR SEPTEMBER: AHS Alumnae Newsletters available online

Our ‘Women Who Inspire’ Initiative

We have been delighted to receive such a positive response to our new ‘Women Who Inspire’ initiative and would like to thank all our Alumnae for their contributions to date.

Some of you have already visited AHS for student linked projects and we are very thankful for your support.

We aim to celebrate the success of our Alumnae and to share your achievements with our current students, parents and wider community. The inspiration which motivated you to make your career choices could help our students decide theirs and influence their ambitions and aspirations.

If you would like to take part in ‘Women Who Inspire’ initiatives, please email Mrs Pexton apexton@ahs.bucks.sch.uk  

Alumnae Feedback Gratefully Received

We are very appreciative that our responding Alumnae have expressed their keen interest in:

  • Attending Reunions and Celebration Events including our 60th Birthday Events
  • Being involved in the organisation of our 60th Birthday celebrations
  • Taking part in our new ‘Women Who Inspire’ initiative
  • Helping with our AHS Archive research and development.

It is fascinating to discover the career pathways Alumnae have chosen and their significant achievements to date. We look forward to keeping in contact with you, sharing yournews and welcoming you back to AHS in the near future for our reunions and events.

We are also delighted that so many of you have shared your views and ideas with us on how best AHS Alumnae should celebrate our AHS 60th Birthday!

Our New AHS LinkedIn Group: ‘Aylesbury High School Former Students and Staff’

AHS now has its own LinkedIn Group for Former Students and Staff which will co-ordinate with our new Alumnae initiatives to provide you with news of the school and our upcoming Alumnae events

If you are on LinkedIn and would like to join this new LinkedIn Group, please ‘connect’ with Alison Pexton (who will then send out an invitation for you to join the Group)  

Our Aylesbury High School Archive Project

With a wealth of historic school documents and photographs, we have set ourselves the task of creating our first AHS Archive which will span almost 60 years!

We have already planned a number of Alumnae Archive Meetings to help us sort through our archive materials and identify students, staff and events from the many photographs and school magazines that we have. We have also received some very kind donations of photographs and recollections for our archive.

If you would like to attend an Alumnae Archive Meeting, or if you have photographs or documents of AHS which you would like to donate to our Archive, please let Mrs Pexton know by emailing apexton@ahs.bucks.sch.uk.

HERE are some old and not-so-old photos to jog your memories, and information about the History of AHS,

The AHS School Fund

The AHS School Fund is our scheme where parents and alumnae donate monthly by direct debit, or through a one-off donation. It helps to develop the school’s facilities and resources to ensure that every girl is able to fulfil her potential, wherever her strengths lie.

Almost two years ago we surveyed parents about their views on school fundraising and the short summary is that there was a genuine willingness from parents to support their daughter’s education and the school’s development campaigns in a variety of ways. Since then we have asked parents to support the school at reasonably regular intervals and are very grateful to all who have responded so kindly.

Please consider whether you can play your part in providing the best possible facilities for your daughter and for generations of AHS students to come. The Fund is vital to support our development projects; improving and developing both the school’s equipment and its facilities. We have an ambitious schedule of development we would like to complete, partly funded through grants open to us and partly through donations.

Every donation of whatever size helps, and every penny is put to good use, ultimately benefiting the education of every student at AHS, so please do take the time to consider how you can help.

Alternatively, please email Mrs Pexton at apexton@ahs.bucks.sch.uk  for your AHS Donation Form or download it HERE.  

Maximising Your Donations With Gift Aid

Through our charitable status, your donation can be boosted through Gift Aid!

When you complete your AHS School Fund Donation Form and sign the Gift Aid declaration, we can claim an extra 25p from HMRC for every £1 you donate.

Please sign the Gift Aid section of your donation  form – it makes a big difference to us!

For further information, please contact Mrs Pexton apexton@ahs.bucks.sch.uk

Matched Giving

Please check with your employer if they will match your donations to our AHS Fund!

Already parents are adding new companies to our Matched Giving List. Thank you!

Matched Giving is when a company matches the amount of fundraising an employee gives to a registered charity, as part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Many companies help charities through a matched giving scheme and some will match pound for pound the donations made by its employees to registered charities.

If you are donating to the AHS Fund, your donation may be matched by your employer through Matched Giving. Please enquire with your HR or Payroll department or contact Mrs Pexton for a list of companies we know participate in Matched Giving.