Celebrating Our Growing Alumni Community

 Our 60th Anniversary AHSFest Celebration!

More photographs available shortly on our AHS Archive Website

New: The AHS Archive Website www.ahs.bucks.sch.uk/archives

At the start of last academic year, we tasked ourselves with collecting as much photographic and printed information about AHS’s history as possible, as well as gathering individual stories from the past 60 years. We have been delighted to welcome so many former students and staff back to AHS over the past months and it has been fascinating to hear their memories.

We have digitised a large amount of archive material which you can access via the school website at www.ahs.bucks.sch.uk/archives. Now you can browse through sixty years of our school’s publications, photographs, videos and memorabilia!


We are very grateful to the AHSA for kindly funding this project, which has enables us to create this permanent on-line archive, accessible to all!

 New: AHS Timeline

Towards our forthcoming AHS History Book, we have created an easy-reference timeline of the school’s history and invite our former staff and students to suggest their contributions to our story. This timeline will feature shortly on our dedicated Archive Website!

More Timeline information can be seen in our commemorative 60th Birthday Festival Programme.

A Fond Farewell to Headteacher Mr Rosen

We said a fond farewell to Headteacher, Mr Rosen, who retired at the end of August. Mr Rosen has been at Aylesbury High School for twenty four years, the first ten years as Deputy Head and the rest as Head.

Since 1995, the school has increased in student size with the change in 1999 from 12+ to 11+, and increased its facilities with the building of the Sports Hall, Sixth Form Centre and History rooms, the new Library, the Science Block refurbishment and the current Tower Block building work; all of which Mr Rosen has overseen. He introduced the annual Year 8 trip to the Outward Bound Centre at Aberdyfi in 1998, which almost four thousand students have now experienced, and this Sunday, he will head off to Belize in Central America on his 14th expedition with Year 10 and 11 students; “I’ve loved the international outlook of AHS, both in and out of the curriculum, and hope it continues to be a big part of the school.  I think trips of any kind help you grow up, they should be fun and they open your eyes to the diversity of the world around us.”

Outside of AHS, Mr Rosen runs orienteering competitions around the UK and abroad, and ‘controlling’ (refereeing) competitions including the British Championships.  Of his retirement he said: ’’I know that I won’t miss wearing a tie every day, but I will really miss the committed staff and the many times during the year when the students amaze me, whether in sport, in all their fantastic performances, productions and exhibitions, in the many House events, on trips and, funnily enough, in lessons – just walking round our classrooms reminds me how much hard work the students put into their education every day, and that’s what we are here for.’’

Thank you Mr Rosen, for all you achieved at Aylesbury High School!

Our Alumni 60th Anniversary Essay Competition WINNER! 

To celebrate our AHS 60th Anniversary and our renewed contact with so many of our Alumni community, we ran an Alumni Essay Competition, asking Alumni to tell us of their ‘Lasting Memories of Aylesbury High School’

We are delighted to announce that Alumna Geraldine Matthews is the winner and this is her winning essay:

‘A kaleidoscope of memories came flooding back with the title ‘Lasting Memories of Aylesbury High School’.  Arriving at AHS at the end of what is now Y8 was a breath of fresh air after my initial introduction to secondary education in Norfolk and Scotland.  The staff and girls proved to be supportive, inclusive and some I still keep in touch with.  

The production of The Winter’s Tale with the Grammar school and a visit to the RSC to see it live brought the text to life.  A Level Geography, with a field trip to Swanage was a great experience; I was part of the mini-bus brigade with singing being a part of the curriculum!  French lessons with the new language laboratory booths became the norm; you always knew when the teacher was listening in!  History became very interesting when Mr. Crowe arrived.  He used the American system to deduct marks for missing facts rather judge the essay on what was included which meant that our scores improved dramatically.  This didn’t last long!  I recall he came to school on a tandem and enjoyed comparing our pronunciation of words with his.    Art was fun with batik printing a challenge but productive.  Science included lots of experiments with a laboratory demonstration going with a real bang one day.  It made us use our eye protection more carefully. 

School uniform changed from full skirted dresses which meant you walked holding it down in windy weather, to the shift dress with the fabric choice influenced by students.  Suddenly you felt grown up and involved.  I was desperate to become a member of the 6th form so that I could wear a twin set but that stopped as we got older and our own clothes were allowed – such a disappointment – then.   Berets!  The older girls would backcomb their hair so high just to hide the beret at the back of the head.  

Being House Captain for Ridley meant producing a play for the inter-house competition – ‘Quality Street’.   The homemade card signed by the cast was a lovely surprise and I still have it today.  Regular assemblies had to be led which occasionally worked well and thankfully the students were kind. 

Sport in the form of the hockey team, field sports and running around the field to warm up especially in the winter, when we still wore the pleated skirts, are still fresh memories.  In order to make sure the pleats were in place, the skirt was carefully put into an old stocking.  Tennis in the summer extended into the autumn term.  Trampoline, volley ball, trying lacrosse and a vain attempt at rugby all were on offer.  Swimming in the outdoor pool in town was definitely not my scene so I was really pleased when we transferred to the pool in the grammar school.  

Using the annexe across the road was an opportunity to feel more responsible and we adapted well.  Yes, many and varied memories and ones to be chatted about at the 60th Celebrations.’


Thank You to All Our Alumni For Their 60th Birthday Community Choir Performance

Thank you to all our Alumni who took part and sang two songs – one from 1959 and one current song: Personality by Lloyd Price  and This is Me from The Greatest Showman by Keala Seattle



AHS 60th Anniversary History Book

Last academic year we tasked ourselves with collecting all the photographic and printed information from the past 60 years of AHS!

Our ongoing initiative to  grow our Alumni engagement for our Anniversary, led to many interesting and exciting initiatives. Among these our first Archive, our new Online Digital Archive (available from 6th July), our first History Book and our Women Who Inspire project. We have been delighted to welcome so many former students and staff back to AHS over the past months and are very grateful for their support presenting at our student assemblies, taking part in filmed interviews for our 60th Birthday Living History project and sharing their memories of their time at Aylesbury High School for our AHS History Book. 

We are delighted to have has the support of Alumna Rebecca Harty last year; who in addition to working as a Pastoral Support Administrator, worked in the Development & Alumni Relations Department, whilst completing her NCTJ (Journalism) Diploma. Rebecca researched the first chronology of the school from the AHS and Buckinghamshire County Council Archives, and also film-interviewed over 30 former students and staff to research information for our History Book. Although the History Book will not be launched until the end of 2019, this is a small taster from her research interview with former member of staff, David Chaplin. Rebecca writes:

Former Member of Staff, David Chaplin

 An interview with the person who has taught more lessons at Aylesbury High School than any other human!

David Chaplin arrived at Aylesbury High School on 11th September 1962, only three years after the school opened, and remained involved with the school until 2009, 47 years later.

He had studied Geography at UCL, where he was a member of the successful rowing team, reaching the final of the Thames Cup at Henley Regatta. Mr Chaplin said: “I had always wanted to be a teacher and the university agreed that it suited me.”

” I began my teaching career in a boys school where my younger brother was a pupil, and I was only one of two members of staff with a teaching qualification, the other being the headmaster!”

Mr Chaplin joined Aylesbury High School as a geography teacher in 1962, only three years after Aylesbury High School girls had been separated from the boys at Aylesbury Grammar School. He remembered that the school still felt very new: “I felt very scared when I joined the school and was terrified in my first lesson, but I refused to have the students giggle at me.” Mr Chaplin had a true vocation for teaching his subject, commenting that: “the importance of Geography for students is the knowledge of the world.”

Mr Chaplin communicated to his students his deep and expert interest in geographic landscape; not only in the classroom, but also on the annual Sixth Form field trips, which began in 1964 to some of the most beautiful parts of England and Wales. Over his time at the school he organised many trips that were “always ambitious” from Dorset and Aberysthwyth, to the Netherlands and Switzerland. A particular memory of his was a day trip to Liverpool he organised and managed single-handedly which involved an entire year group, comprising of 100 students.

Aylesbury High School was a very good fit for Mr Chaplin; he continued teaching here for many years, and gained rapid promotion to become a very successful Head of Geography in 1967 to a small team of geographers. For many years, Mr Chaplin combined this post with that of Senior Teacher with responsibility for the 4th and 5th Forms (now Key Stage 4). He still managed to find time to organise the school’s lesson timetabling for the forthcoming school year, serve as a teacher governor and prepare for the very important role of Father Christmas at the AHS Old People’s Party.

Regarding timetabling, Mr Chaplin commented: “I remembered how it felt when I was at school and wasn’t allowed to do the subjects I wanted to at A Level because they wouldn’t fit with the timetable. I therefore did all that was possible to fit timetables in around student choices which took a lot of effort.” Mr Chaplin recalls he had a huge board in the staff room, with each subject staff member representing a different coloured flag which was duplicated and moved around to finalise a timetable for the school year. 

As Head of Upper School, Mr Chaplin led the pastoral care of hundreds of girls during their crucial GCSE (and before that, O Level) years. He listened to their concerns, advised them, worried about them, and supported them as they successfully completed their education at Aylesbury High School. 

In 1973, he and his family exchanged their home with an American teacher who came to teach at Aylesbury High School in Mr Chaplin’s place, whilst Mr Chaplin taught in his role at a community college in Florida (not far from the Space Centre and near where Disney World would soon be constructed).

Aside from his teaching and leadership commitments, Mr Chaplin was also involved in the creation and design of the ‘New Block’, now home to Languages, which was a significant development project for the school at that time. He was also key in organising work experience for older students to prepare them for life after school.

Over the 40 year period Mr Chaplin worked at Aylesbury High School he said: “I tried to make it a happy place and encourage a positive atmosphere and I hope I was successful.” He saw huge change in the facilities of the school as well as its changing curriculum which impacted teaching. In particular, with the introduction of technology he began to notice “a lot of copy and pasting, so I always wanted a hard copy of written work.”

“I thought the use of IT was good as students could edit and correct information, but importing material online and not drawing attribute to what is important can be detrimental….. But when used wisely it is a tremendous asset, and still is.”

Mr Chaplin’s name is one that invariably comes up when former students and staff recall their fondest memories of their time at Aylesbury High School. Many still remember a young man with trendy flares and long hair, but most of all with affection and gratitude for his legacy to Aylesbury High School.’

We wish Rebecca every success in her Journalism career at The Times newspaper. 


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Keeping In Contact

As a student at Aylesbury High School, you belonged to our school community and left your impression on our school whilst you were here.  Now that you have moved on, we would love to hear from you and are eager to hear about what you have been up to and your news  – wherever you are in the world !

By keeping in touch with AHS, former students can reconnect and maintain links with their peers, receive news of the school and our upcoming events, and also hear about our development initiatives which benefit future generations of students. It is fascinating to discover the career pathways Alumnae have chosen and their significant achievements to date. We look forward to keeping in contact with you, sharing your news, and welcoming you back to AHS in the near future for our reunions and events.

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Our ‘Women Who Inspire’ Initiative.

We have been delighted to receive such a positive response to our new ‘Women Who Inspire’ initiative and would like to thank all our Alumni for their contributions to date.

Some of you have already visited AHS for student linked projects and we are very thankful for your support.

We aim to celebrate the success of our Alumni and to share your achievements with our current students, parents and wider community. The inspiration which motivated you to make your career choices could help our students decide theirs and influence their ambitions and aspirations.

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Our 60th Birthday Fundraising Campaign

We have now completed our Tower Block Refurbishment and only have a few finishing touches to complete.

With your generous support we have raised £72,332 from parent, Alumni and community donations – together with an additional £25,000 from a legacy payment and an AHSA donation.

This means that we raised £97,322 of new donations in the 2018-2019 academic year!

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To celebrate our 60th Birthday, we have designed a keepsake for Alumni, parents and friends of AHS to purchase as a keepsake.

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Over the years the generosity of parents, Alumni and friends of Aylesbury High School has enabled us to achieve significant development projects for our school. 

Recent projects funded through grants, revenue funding and donations include:

  • The Tower Block
  • The Sports Hall
  • The Library
  • The Sixth Form Centre
  • The Science Block
  • The Dining Room
  • Netball and tennis courts, and lighting
  • History and Languages classrooms
  • Sound and lighting in the Main Hall and Harding Hall
  • Boiler and roof replacements. 

We are very thankful for every donation we have received and appreciate your continuing funding support for our school.


The ‘Elements’ Co-Funded Refurbishment of the S17 Science Laboratory.

We would like to thank everyone who sponsored an ‘element’ on the Elements Periodic Table, for their kind support of the refurbishment of S17.