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“Good religious education has never been more needed. Developing young people’s “religious literacy” would help to make them less vulnerable to radicalisation” (BBC.co.uk)

“RE helps pupils with their literacy, creativity, personal development and critical thinking;
it provides opportunities for and develops their ability to reflect on experience;
it helps them to develop skills in handling and analysing the big questions and concepts that arise from experience;
it develops debating, reasoning, self-expression, relationships, and self-understanding;
it helps pupils’ and staff’s understanding of identity-in-difference….
their search for meaning, purpose and value….
and their sense of humour and enjoyment!” (Bucks Agreed Syllabus) 

Religious Studies is not only an important and fascinating subject that helps young people to make sense of the world in which they live but as a ‘facilitating’ subject it develops a wide range of skills that support other subjects and are valued by employers.

The RS department contains passionate, enthusiastic, experienced and knowledgeable teachers who challenge, inspire and enthuse students to face their world with confidence.

Comments from students: 

I choose to do Religious Studies because it is approached at Aylesbury High School in a captivating and spectacularly supporting way. It is both eye opening and culturally strengthening. I look forward to studying it at A Level next year.  Niamh Allison
I chose RS because I feel there is so much to learn that you couldn’t get with any other subject. I look forward to all my RS lessons.  Quiana Davis
I chose RS because I think it is important to understand and to empathise with everyone around you, and the cultures and religions associated with the lives they lead. RS helps me to be a more compassionate, understanding and empathetic person and I could not recommend it more.  Francesca Hyde

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