Uniform Policy

A correctly worn uniform encourages a sense of pride and unity within the school community. It promotes equality and cohesion, protecting students from social pressures to dress in a particular way. It also sets a suitable tone for learning. We expect all students to wear uniform correctly at school, on trips and when travelling to and from school. This presents the school in a positive manner within our local and wider community.

As part of our response to the new guidance on affordability of uniforms, we have made some changes to our requirements to reduce costs for parents and carers (these are highlighted). At the bottom of this policy are prices for the items available through the school shop and some comparisons from other providers. 

We have a very effective Pre-loved uniform shop offering clean, good quality clothing to increase our sustainability measures and reduce costs for families.

All students should hire a locker which is available for a small cost of £40 for the entire duration of Years 7-13 (locker for life). Students must use the AHS provided combination lock and other locks may be removed without prior notice. 

Please clearly mark all uniform items with the owner’s name/initials in indelible ink or a name tape; as lost uniform can only be returned to the rightful owner if this is the case. Lost property is stored for a short period of time in School Reception and students/parents/carers should claim this as soon as possible. At the end of each term unnamed, unclaimed lost property will be placed into our preloved store or recycled through charity shops or clothes banks.


A long or short sleeve open ‘Revere’ neck white blouse. Blouses with the AHS logo are available from the school shop and unbranded blouses are available from a range of local suppliers


A tailored jacket with the school logo.  Jackets need to be worn at all times, except when students are given permission not to wear them in hot weather. Sleeves should be fully rolled down.

Jumper (optional)

A navy blue V-neck knitted jumper only (other colours and styles of jumpers or sweatshirts/hoodies may not be worn). Jumpers with the AHS logo are available from our school shop and unbranded Navy blue V necked knitted jumpers are available from a range of local suppliers. This must be worn under, not instead of, the jacket.


Skirt length must be close to the knee i.e. 5cm either side of the centre of the knee and not rolled at the waist (as a guide the skirt should fall comfortably below the student’s fingertips when their arms are held straight against their sides).  The skirt is available from the school shop and only the school style may be worn.


Tailored trousers are available from the school shop which coordinates with the jacket. Plain navy trousers are available from local suppliers but must be tailored and not close fitting/leggings.

Tights or socks

If worn, tights should be plain and either navy, black or flesh-coloured.  Socks should be worn below the knee and should be plain black, navy or white, without visible logos.


Must be leather (not canvas or fabric) and of a single colour (either black or navy) with separate heel no higher than 5 cms in height. Trainers, narrow heels or extreme styles (such as platform soles) are not permitted. As boots are not permitted, the shoe should extend no higher than the ankle bone.  


We discourage the wearing of jewellery. It is unsuitable, frequently unsafe and its loss can cause distress. Whilst students may enjoy jewellery outside school the only jewellery permitted is a single plain silver or gold coloured stud in each ear lobe and a small religious symbol on a chain worn for reasons of faith rather than fashion.  Ear studs must be removed if requested by a member of staff on grounds of safety. 

Nose piercings are not permitted and must be removed or replaced with a clear plastic stud.

Piercings At School: Advice And Guidance

Hair, Makeup and Nails

Unnatural hair colouring and extreme haircuts are not allowed.  Hair accessories should be unobtrusive, plain and in either neutral or AHS colours (blue, white or grey). Braids should also be of natural colours and any beads used should be plain wooden or in school colours (blues, white or grey). Students are not permitted to wear make-up at all in Years 7 to 9; discreet make-up in natural shades is accepted in Years 10 and 11 as a privilege. Nail polish, extensions, false eyelashes, false nails and eyebrow ‘slits’ are not allowed.

Coats and Hats

Hoodies are not allowed.

Coats should be plain, not patterned. Denim, leather and suede jackets or coats are not permitted.

Coats and hats should not be worn in classrooms unless respiratory hygiene measures make this acceptable, and this will be by permission of the Headteacher only. 


These should be in plain fabric and in navy blue, black or white.  The face must be entirely visible at all times.


A white tunic may be worn instead of a school blouse, but the normal school jacket, with or without a jumper, should be worn on top in cold weather.  The tunic should be plain white and should only reach to the mid thigh.

Trousers with Kameez/Tunic

We would ask students to wear the regulation school uniform trousers.  A loose fitting style of the same navy blue colour may be purchased and worn with a Kameez if the parent desires – please let Mr Scoble, Headteacher, know if you wish to do this (gscoble@ahs.bucks.sch.uk).

Enforcement of the uniform expectations

It is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure that their child comes to school in the correct uniform and they are expected to buy uniform that complies with the school’s policy.

All staff are responsible for ensuring that students are correctly dressed in class and elsewhere on the school site. All staff may address any incorrect uniform and impose a uniform behaviour mark (recorded on SIMS). If it is not addressed for the next school day then the student will be referred to the Head of Year. In the event of repeated uniform infringements parents will be contacted.

The Headteacher is the final arbiter in all matters of uniform and dress. Parents in doubt about the suitability of an article of clothing or footwear are advised, therefore, to check with the School before purchasing items which may be unacceptable.

PE/Sports Kit (ordered through the school website)

Correct PE kit is important as it is both functional and represents the school in a positive manner in our wider community when playing fixtures. We have avoided expensive brands to reduce the financial burden on families and to encourage inclusion. Synthetic fabrics have been chosen as this technical fabric has better wicking properties, dries quicker when washed and is more colour-fast and hard-wearing.  All items are available form our uniform shop and where non-branded items are suitable, they are  indicated. 

Please note that all students that are playing in school fixtures will need to have the branded item or will need to borrow this for the fixture from the school.

Compulsory Items

Short sleeve navy blue AHS training top

AHS Training Shorts (synthetic) in navy blue. Plain navy blue shorts are acceptable and we recommend synthetic materials, rather than cotton. 

Note: shorts or a skort are required, not both items.

Long navy blue sports socks (suitable for use with shin pads) Plain navy blue long sports socks are acceptable

AHS PE Hoodie

AHS Leggings in navy blue

Optional items

AHS Skort (synthetic) in navy blue

Note: shorts or a skort are required, not both items.

Training pants/tracksuit bottoms in navy blue with white piping.

Other PE items required and not available through the school shop:

A pair of non-marking trainers, Shin pads, a pair of football boots, a plain swimming cap, a towel, a plain swimming costume.  A gum shield is highly recommended for hockey.

Blue base layers and navy blue ‘swackets’ (water resistant fleece jackets) are optional items and available from most good retailers.

Students may bring their own named hockey sticks and racquets etc. if they wish to do so.

Equipment for lessons

All students are expected to provide:

Ink pen/ball point pen/rollerball pen

Range of pencils e.g. 2H, 2B and HB

Coloured pencils or felt-tip pens

Ruler (metric 20cm at least)


Set Square

Pair of compasses

Scientific Calculator (available from the school shop)

Glue Stick

Note: We do not allow correcting fluid in school

Uniform Shop Prices

SCHOOL – UNIFORM  Unbranded alternative
Fitted Suit Jacket £33 
Suit Skirt £17
Trousers  £20
AHS Branded Blouse SS (twin pack) £18 £9-15 (M&S), £8-15 Next 
AHS Branded Blouse LS (twin pack) £18 £16 BSW
Knitted V-Neck Jumper £18 (optional item)  £5.50 Asda
PE Kit
Hoodie (AHS logo) £23
Short Sleeve Training Top  £14
Leggings £16
Training Shorts (synthetic) £14 £8.50 BSW
Coolmax long sports Socks £8 £6.50 BSW
Skort  £17  (optional item) £8.00 M&S
Training Pant  £21 (optional item)
Total (compulsory items) £163 This includes trousers AND a skirt
Total (including optional items) £219 This includes trousers AND a skirt

This includes PE shorts AND a skort

BSW (Bucks School Wear) – https://bucksschoolwearplus.co.uk/

The non-branded items are available at a range of shops and online and these were the cheapest highstreet suppliers we could find.

Total savings on non-branded items: £30 approximately (depending on sizes, blouse choice and optional items purchased)