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Careers in the curriculum 2023-24 

Careers programme offered at AHS

AHS Careers Policy including Technical Education and Apprenticeship Statement

Technical apprenticeships speakers Year 8-13 September 2023-24

Here at AHS, we have a comprehensive programme of careers education, advice and guidance. The school continues to measure and assess the impact of our careers programme on students through the Gatsby Benchmarks and Compass Tracker tool. 

Our impartial independent Careers Adviser, Laura Franklin, visits all form groups in Year 9 and again in Year 10, as well as delivering assemblies and offering sessions when requested. Our STEM and Enterprise days take place at the end of Year 7 and 9, challenging students to develop a set of key skills, including; collaboration and team building activities.

Pupils are invited to group interviews with Mrs Franklin in Year 10 and Year 11 to discuss their next steps, as well as each having an individual interview with a senior teacher to discuss their post 16 choices.

Students in Year 12 and 13 are given extensive guidance about their possible next steps (including university applications and other post 18 options, such as apprenticeships) by both our sixth form team and Mrs Franklin. Mrs Franklin also attends consultation evenings for Year 9, Year 11 and Year 12; as well as the information evening on Next Steps for Year 12.

Throughout the year a selection of talks on a variety of careers are offered to students in Year 8 and above. These are great opportunities for students to learn from professionals and ask questions in a wide range of fields and inspire them to their future career goals.

Mr Potkin, the Careers Lead at Aylesbury High School, would be pleased to hear from anyone who would be prepared to come and speak to our students or may be able to offer work experience opportunities to our students. You can contact him on [email protected] or via the main school switchboard 01296 388222.

Students are also more than welcome to join the careers Google Classroom group. The code to join the group can be found on the careers notice board outside TC6. Here students will find out about up and coming career talks and information about other opportunities being offered both locally and nationally.

To support students along the way we subscribe to eCLIPS which students would find helpful to explore:

Password can be found on the careers Google Classroom.

Information about Labour Market can be found here:

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Some other very useful websites students may like to access to search for opportunities, explore careers and apprenticeship opportunities and gain experience within local businesses are: –  E4S Employment for Students website

As a school we are working with the Careers and Enterprise company to help the school meet the GATSBY benchmarks. There are 8 requirements that every school needs to meet by September 2020:

Careers talks at AHS Gallery – to follow