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Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour. It is a fascinating subject, providing insight into mental processes and behaviours from the everyday to the extraordinary.

A diverse range of topics are covered on the A Level Psychology course, including the study of mental health issues, social psychology, forensic psychology, biological psychology, infant attachment, memory and gender. Students will find out about key psychological experiments that have been conducted to try to understand human behaviour. They also explore the theories and treatments that have evolved from these experiments. For example, in the Psychopathology unit students consider the possible biological and psychological causes of mental health conditions including phobias, depression and OCD, critically evaluating the evidence offered to support each theory. They go on to consider the most effective treatments for these conditions, from talking therapies such as CBT to drug therapies, such as antidepressants.

Students also learn the practical tools for conducting psychological research and how to analyse and interpret research findings. These research methods form a core part of the A Level course and provide students with an evidence-based approach to research which is invaluable to a variety of future careers. Further transferable skills developed on the A Level Psychology course include, essay writing, computer-literacy, independent research, collaborative group work, numeracy and critical thinking skills.

Typically around a quarter to a third of our students go on to study Psychology or related subjects at university. For other students, A Level Psychology provides transferable skills, plus an insight into human motivation and behaviour, that are relevant to future careers in medicine, law, business, sports, health care, education and the arts.




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