Student Voice


  • To put student voice at the heart of learning and school life
  • To engage students by giving them control over aspects of their learning
  • To link with the core work of the school
  • To keep communication channels open between students, teachers and governors



With the current climate threatening to affect Student Voice, we were quick to initiate a new approach to meetings which allowed them to be socially distanced, but equally effective! Once per half term, each Cabinet member meets the team of Student Voice reps in their assigned year group, to carry out an outdoor meeting, where opinions and feedback are gathered according to the current agenda. We are keen to reward commitment to the Student Voice meetings, so a register is taken and a Student Voice badge is awarded to any rep who attends at least three times. The minutes are shared with Libby, the Student Voice lead in Cabinet, and they are processed and shared with senior staff, before the changes and solutions are carried out accordingly.


The Cabinet:

Head Girl: Yi-Toong

Deputies: Safa, Nana, Razan, Emma, Sahithi, Cenyujia


Get Your Voice Heard!

Is there an issue or item that you would like to be discussed at a Student Voice meeting? If so, please fill in this Google Form. We will do our best to include as many of your suggestions as possible but we can’t guarantee to include everything as agendas can fill up fairly quickly!

There is also an email address if you have any questions: [email protected]

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