Student Voice


  • To put student voice at the heart of learning and school life
  • To engage students by giving them control over aspects of their learning
  • To link with the core work of the school
  • To keep communication channels open between students, teachers and governors

At AHS, we are committed to creating a collaborative community. In order to do this, our students are invited to take part in frequent student voice meetings which help to shape the school’s policies. Once per half term, a team of Student Voice reps are provided with the opportunity to attend a meeting within their key stage, supervised by a school cabinet member. In these meetings, students are encouraged to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns within the agenda of the meeting. The minutes from meetings are shared with Caitlin, the Student Voice lead in Cabinet, and processed and passed on to senior staff. Changes and solutions are carried out accordingly, allowing for positive, student-led changes within the school.

The Cabinet:

Head Girl: Dara

Deputies: Emily, Caitlin, Misha Mae, Alice, Akshaya, Diya

Get Your Voice Heard!

Is there an issue or item that you would like to be discussed at a Student Voice meeting? If so, please fill in this Google Form. We will do our best to include as many of your suggestions as possible but we can’t guarantee to include everything as agendas can fill up fairly quickly!

There is also an email address if you have any questions: [email protected]

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