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Studying Art and Design is an opportunity to be creative, to appreciate and look at the visual world around us, different art work and respond in a personal way. Art and Design gives you the chance to develop not only your technical art skills, such as drawing and painting, but to explore the use of a wide range of media and develop independent thought and problem solving.

Throughout KS3 girls will explore and learn a wide range of techniques and processes, from textile and pattern design, to clay sculpture and digital artwork. They will develop ideas, explore media, record observations and produce their own designs for artwork, gaining experience with techniques that will prepare them for more advanced studies in Art and Design and any area where they may use creative thought. Those who choose to take Art and Design to GCSE and A Level, will have the chance to develop their skills to a high level across a range of Art and Design disciplines, gaining increasing independence through the creative design processes.

Art develops your imagination, gives you the chance to experiment and take risks, as well as develop an understanding of the context of Art and its place in our society. To assist with this, a range of trips and visits to galleries take place while studying Art at AHS, for example the Year 12 trip to Paris and the Year 10 visits to Oxford Botanical Gardens, Natural History Museum and Art In Action. Other co-curricular activities are also available to the girls, examples of which are the annual House Art competitions and Sixth Form Life drawing classes.

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