Rewards and Sanctions

Your subject teachers and tutor may give you merit marks for your good work and contributing to the school community.  Please see our Rewards Overview below for details on how your merits add up and the awards you can get! A Tutor Group’s combined total of merit marks also counts towards the House competition.

You are expected to attend lessons and Tutor Time in the correct uniform, with the appropriate equipment, and behave well.  If you do not your teacher will log the fact that you have not and your Tutor or Year Head will want to talk to you about it.  Serious or repeated poor behaviour may result in a further sanction e.g. After school detention on a Thursday or being put on Report. Failure to meet homework deadlines will also be logged; if you fail to meet 2 deadlines in a 4 week period you will be asked to attend a detention which takes place on Wednesday lunchtime.

Please see our Behaviour Matrix for details of sanctions given.