Trips and Visits


**Message As Of 19/5/20**

Due to current school closures and travel restrictions all trips and visits have been cancelled for the rest of this academic year (including the summer holidays). As and when we know what the forthcoming academic year will look like for schools we will of course be assessing trips that have been planned and informing parents and students as to whether they will be cancelled/postponed or continue to run. If there are any changes with regards to trips going ahead we will inform parents and students immediately. If a trip that your daughter was due to be attending has been cancelled we are in the process of applying for refunds, where possible, and will update you with information about this as soon as we can. We would be very grateful if you could be patient with the processing of refunds as we will be bound often by the administration of insurance claims and third party action.  




Residential Trips and Visits Summary

School Code of Conduct for Residential Visits

School Code of Conduct for Exchange Visits

School Travel Insurance Policy Summary

School Travel Insurance Policy Wording

Please Note: In all cases where claims are made, the school, as the policy holder makes contact with the insurance company. Parents/carers and students should not contact the company themselves.

Details on the school’s educational visits and charging policies can be found at Educational Visits Policy and Charging Policy.

Letters and details about school trips and visits will be sent to parents/carers via ParentMail on Tuesdays and Thursdays so please remember to check your emails regularly.

If any changes occur during a trip such as arrival time back to school parents can phone the school trip voicemail on 01296 388239 for information.

Staff on trips and visits will only be able to hold and administer medications for life threatening conditions (such as diabetes, epilepsy, asthma and anaphylaxis) and prescribed medications if the parental agreement form has been completed and given to Mrs Nix, further details here. These medications should be boxed, named and with the original instructions. Staff do not carry any basic medication in their first aid kit such as Paracetamol, Migraleve, Ibuprofen or Antihistamine so students will need to ensure they have their own supply to take if needed. Further details about the school’s medical policy can be found here

As with all trips we want students and staff to have an enjoyable experience. It is important that if you or the school feels that there are any issues prior to the trip which may affect your daughter’s ability to participate that a discussion does happen with the school to ascertain that the school can appropriately support her on the trip.

If you have any queries about trips and visits please contact the Finance Office or Miss Brigden (