The Governing Body

The Governing Body itself is comprised of up to 18 Governors, a combination of parents/carers, staff, community and co-opted Governors, who are responsible for the overall strategic direction and performance of the school.  We come from all walks of life and are drawn from the parent/carer body by election, as well as having representatives from the local community and our staff.  Together we aim to bring a breadth of experience and expertise to the development of the school and oversight of the delivery of education to its pupils.  I, and many of my fellow Governors, regularly support the school in a number of ways, by attending the music and dance concerts, school plays, consultation, open and certificate evenings, as well as the year-end Presentations mornings.  We formally meet every half term as a Full Governing Body and are supported by 4 sub-committees:

Teaching & Learning
School Performance

All Governors aim to support two sub committees with new Governors given the opportunity to join each of the sub committees as observers through the Autumn Term before making their preference.  Many Governors also volunteer to take on specific tasks such as responsibility for safeguarding, SEND, Pupil Premium and Equalities, but this is very much an individual choice.

As a Governing Body we act for the school as a whole – pupils, parents, carers, teachers and support staff.  Our remit is primarily strategic in nature whilst the operational running of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher and the senior staff.

James Chandler
Chair of Governors

Governor Profiles

Committee Membership 19-20 including pecuniary interests

Committee Meeting Attendance 18-19  

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If you wish to contact The Governors, please email the Chair of Governors, Mr James Chandler, at

Members of the Academy Trust

Mr Alan Rosen – Appointed 1 July 11
Mr James Chandler – Chair of Governors – Appointed 5 Dec 17
Mr Arfan Chaudhry – Governor – Chair of the Personnel Committee – Appointed 1 July 11
Dr Kate Weir – Governor – Chair of the Teaching & Learning Committee – Appointed 4 Dec 18


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