Do I have to buy a Chromebook?

  • There is no compulsion to purchase a Chromebook but we hope that parents and students will be sufficiently convinced of the benefits of owning a device that can be used both in school and at home that they do choose to buy one.
  • Apps and extensions are much easier to manage if everyone is using a school-purchased and licenced Chromebook
  • Chromebooks can be purchased with one-off payments and monthly payments, whichever is most convenient for each family.  Please see the Purchasing page
  • Students who don’t have a Chromebook will need to collect one from the Library each morning and return it each afternoon; those devices can’t be taken home.
  • Students who attract Pupil Premium can purchase their Chromebook at a much-reduced cost.  Please contact the school for details of the Pupil Premium Portal
  • Other parents who face financial hardship can apply for financial support through the school’s on-line form “Request for Financial Assistance
  • If you have recently bought a Chromebook, please talk to us about whether your daughter can use this in school instead of buying one through our scheme.  It will need to have 4GB RAM, it must be a UK device and you will need to pay to have the licence installed.