How are the school’s facilities equipped for those with disabilities?

  • The school’s main buildings have been retrofitted where possible to meet DDA compliance, but not all classrooms are accessible by wheelchair.
  • The main buildings are accessible on the ground floor for wheelchair users and there are lifts available in the sports hall and sixth form block to access History  and Politics classrooms on higher floors. There is also a chairlift in the main foyer which enables access to the classrooms on the first floor of the languages and tower blocks and one of the science labs.   Lessons are timetabled on the ground floor/lift accessible rooms for students who are wheelchair users. Ramps are in place to allow access to areas where there would have been a raised curb or steps.
  • Each building has a toilet adapted for disabled users.
  • Disabled parking bays are nearest to the student reception to provide easier access for students and parents/carers.
  • In order to make the school site more accessible for students who are visually impaired, yellow lines have been painted on areas that have been identified during a risk assessment that was carried out by a specialist teacher.
  • IT suites incorporate at least one larger screen and signage has been produced so that it can be read by students with visual impairment.
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPS) are made for every student with a physical disability for whom this is relevant to identify exit routes from every classroom they access, in the event of a fire.