We recognise the importance of technology in today’s society and believe it enhances learning opportunities.  With the older students at school soon to explore options beyond AHS, we want them to have the choice between a Chromebook or a device they think is more appropriate to their needs.

Do I have to purchase a device?

We do want all students to have access to a device in school.  You may choose to purchase a Chromebook through school or you may have a device at home already that you can bring in to school.  Alternatively, you can borrow a Chromebook from the library. Students will need to collect one from the Library each morning and return it each afternoon; those devices can’t be taken home.

Can I bring in a tablet?

An onscreen keyboard is not an appropriate keyboard for the amount of typing you will have to do with school work.  However, if you have an add-on keyboard for your tablet this would be acceptable.

What do I do if I have a device but I don’t yet know if the battery life is long enough to last the day?

We would suggest you bring this device to use in September.  If it turns out the battery does not last long enough, you can borrow a Chromebook from the library in the short term whilst you investigate options for devices that have a longer battery life.

How do I purchase a Chromebook?

Please see details on the school website here.

Do I have to purchase a Chromebook license if I am part of the BYOD scheme?


Is the wifi capable of working for everyone?

We had a big upgrade over Easter and it continues to be tested and improved where necessary.

What if I can’t afford a device?

Please contact the school to discuss your options.  There will be a reduced cost for Chromebooks for Pupil Premium students and students claiming Sixth Form Bursary can use some of their funding towards the cost of a Chromebook.

What about our exams that have to be handwritten?

We are not expecting you to be using your devices 24/7.  We are very aware that there needs to be a balance for a number of reasons, like the fact you will hand write your exams at the end of the year.

Will we still have textbooks?

This will vary from subject to subject.  Some subjects may start using electronic textbooks.  Some subjects may keep textbooks in the classroom and leave the electronic version for you to use at home.  Some subjects may keep paper copies of textbooks, especially if they have them already.