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Are you amused and entertained by adverts, but wonder about their impact and target market? Do you want to learn about how your favourite products and made and sold? Or why brands like Apple, Tiffany’s or Ferrari can charge a premium price for their products? Maybe you enjoy watching Dragon’s Den and the Apprentice, or have your own ideas for a new product or service?

No matter what your vision, it’s all here in the Business GCSE and A level, giving you an incredibly powerful start to launch your career with transferable skills and knowledge that will apply to and complement any subjects or career choice. Regardless of whether you’d like to become an entrepreneur, or work for any organisation the Business course will be relevant. You’ll learn about money and develop skills in budgeting and financial awareness. Studying people management helps you build leadership skills, while looking at recruitment allows you to develop an eye for what prospective employers are looking for. Business  gives an overview to what the businesses all around us are doing, studying their management, finance, marketing and operations.