Year 7 Buddies

Yr 7 Buddies There are four Year 7 Buddies representing each House.

Students meet their Buddies on transition day. The Buddies take groups on a tour around the school, and answer any questions students may have about life at AHS.

From September the Buddies visit Year 7 forms once a week offering support and advice.

They also run a Buddy Club Week A Tuesday lunchtime.  For further information please speak to one of your Buddies.

“Year 7 buddies are a support and help system for Year 7s. Before Year 6s start at AHS, we meet them, get to know them and help them get ready for the years ahead of them. One of the ways we do this is by going into form groups and doing sessions to help the Year 7s with something they struggle with or need guidance in. For example, we recently did the topic of public speaking, which many of them said beforehand they needed help with. We know that as you come to a new school, making friends is one of the hardest things Year 7s have to do, as they are very rarely in the same form group as children from their primary school. We give a great deal of advice to making friends, and because it is such a big topic we split it down into sections that are easier to deal with, such as starting conversations, being confident about going and speaking to someone and many more. Additionally, we give individual advice to people who are slightly struggling even after a session, or with a more personal thing, such as an ill family member at home or a lack of personal confidence. We can reassure, chat and aid Year 7s who need someone to talk to, because we were Year 7s once too! However, it’s not always hard work. The sessions are fun and hands on and we play a few games throughout the year to break things up. 7A’s favourites seem to be Splat, Just A Minute and ‘Rock Paper Chicken’!”

                                   Ascott House Buddy.