Press Release: AHS GCSE Results ‘buck the national trend’

Aylesbury High School’s (AHS) Year 11 students have excelled in their GCSE results released today, Thursday 25 August. This year’s results are even more remarkable as these were achieved following a significantly disrupted two year period of study. They have also ‘bucked’ the national trend of results going down on last year’s teacher awarded scores, by increasing the number of top grades awarded. The results were so good that the most common grade achieved by the Year group was the top grade (Grade 9), with 35.8% of all grades being a Level 9, up from 26.1% last year.  

The Head of Year 11, Miss Kilkenny, commented ‘These students have worked so hard during the challenging period of lockdowns and remote learning that they thoroughly deserve this great set of results’.

Headteacher, Giles Scoble, added ‘These results are a credit to all of our students, and also show the support and encouragement they have had from both staff and their parents/carers. One student gained eleven GCSEs; with ten at grade 9 and a grade 8. Another six students gained ten straight grade 9s with nearly half the year group getting ten or more grade 7s or above. Particularly encouraging was that many students improved on their target grades and nearly all secured the grades they needed to progress to our Sixth Form.

The Assistant Head responsible for KS4, Olivia Raven,  added; ‘We are really proud of all of our Year 11 students. They engaged with remote learning during the lockdowns, adapted to ‘Plan B assessments’ and this was in addition to all the normal challenges that accompany any set of public exams. It is great to see the range of subjects these students have excelled in; not just the traditional academic subjects.’

The headteacher continued; ‘An incredible 86% of the year group got seven or more Grade 7s, with the average score being equivalent to a high A-grade under the old system. This complements the ‘stellar’ A-level results gained last week by Year 13 students and confirms AHS’ reputation as a top academic school that develops the whole student. These results exemplify how our students respond to our aim of ‘Inspiring every student to seek Challenge and be Prepared for the world of today and tomorrow’. We look forward to seeing them continue to develop as they enter the Sixth Form and look forward to seeing them in September.