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If you want a good guide to if the symptoms you have are coronavirus


A reminder to students, parents and carers

If a student is unwell with a high temperature, vomiting or diarrhoea she should wait for 48 hrs after symptoms have disappeared before returning to school in accordance to the Public Health England document.

Public Health England: Guidance on Infection Control in Schools

This document also outlines recommended time off school for other infectious diseases.



The BBC states “Scarlet fever hit its highest level in England for 50 years, with more than 17,000 cases reported in 2016 – research in the Lancet shows.”

Please be mindful of the symptoms of Scarlet Fever should your child become ill.

Early signs include a sore throat, headache, a high temperature (38.3C/101F or above), swollen glands in the neck and being sick.

This may be followed by a rash on the body, a red face and a white or red tongue

For more details see NHS

Treatment with antibiotics is recommended to reduce the length of time the infection is contagious, speed up recovery and reduce the risk of any further problems.




With the advent of the cold and flu season please remember to use tissues to catch coughs and sneezes and to keep hands clean to stop the spread of germs.